La Salle University 2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors

2019 - 2020

Honor Roll of Donors


Scholarships and Endowments


Through the generous contributions of alumni and their families, friends, foundations, corporations and government agencies, La Salle students are eligible for a variety of private scholarships.

Accounting Department Scholarlship
Vincent P. Anderson, Esq., ’61, and Veronica E. Anderson Endowed University Scholarship
Annenberg-Henrich Scholarship
Peter and Gladys Altamore Memorial Scholarship
Gregg Argenziano Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Lester Barenbaum Endowment Fund
Albert F. Bauer, ’64, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Berger-Wallace Scholarship
William J. Binkowski, ’48, Scholarship
James J. Binns Scholarship
James J. Broussard, ’58, Endowed Scholarship
Gregory O. Bruce Business Scholars Co-op Program Endowment
George and Elsie Bucs Scholarship
Brother Daniel Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., Endowment Fund
Maj. Gen. Burns ROTC Scholarship
BUSCA Scholarship for Deserving Students
BUSCA Scholarship for Latino Students
Business Scholars Co-op/BSMBA Endowed Alumni Scholarship Fund
John F. Byrne Memorial Scholarship
Canavo Endowed Scholarship in Science
Carusi-Newcombe Endowed Scholarship
Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute Scholarship
Robert J. Chesco, ’63, Memorial Scholarship
Christian Brothers Scholarship
Class of 1970 Scholarship
Lt. John H. Condon Memorial Scholarship
Brother Damian Connelly Scholarship
Bishop Corrigan Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Robert J. Courtney, ’41, Scholarship
Cristo Rey Philadelphia Scholarship
J. Russell Cullen Sr., ’22, Memorial Scholarship
The Joseph A., '70, and Marie T. D'Amato Endowed Scholarship
Josephine Danielski Memorial Scholarship
Michael A. DeAngelis Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. Dean Writing Scholarship
Brother G. Claude Demitras Scholarship
St. Francis de Sales Scholarship
J. Hugh, ’64, and Nancy Devlin Scholarship
The Peter M. DiBattiste, M.D., '78 Endowed Scholarship
G. Fred DiBona Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Susan O’Neill Dietsch Scholarship
Richard C. DiMascio, ’64, Endowed Memorial Science Scholarship
Richard DiSammartino, ’62, Endowed Scholarship
Anne H. and Harry J. Donaghy Scholarship
Brother John P. Dondero, F.S.C., ’45, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Paul R. Doran and Catherine E. Doran Memorial Scholarship
The Dugan Family Father Judge & Saint Hubert's High School Scholarship
Francis J. Echelmeier Endowed Scholarship
Dayla Eliezer Scholarship for Excellence in Care Giving
Leon Ellerson, ’56, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Brother Patrick Ellis Alumni Scholarship
Brother Emery Scholarship
Ernst & Young Endowed Scholarship
Explorer, Believe, Achieve Scholarship Fund
The Familes of William R. Reyers and Charles E. Spires Endowed Scholarship
Darlene and Edward J. Fierko, ’63, Business Scholars Co-Op Scholarship
Darlene and Edward J. Fierko, ’63, Scholarship for the B.S./MBA Degree Program Scholarship
The Philip W.J., '61 and Suzanne C. Fisher Access to Excellence Term Scholarship
Brother Gerry Fitzgerald Scholarship
Dr. Joseph F. Flubacher, ’35, Scholarship
Patricia A. Fogel, ’87, Endowed Scholarship
Ludwig M. Frank, M.D., ’42, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Gamma Iota Sigma Scholarship
Germantown Hospital Nurse Association Scholarship
Daniel A., ’72, and Kathleen Belfatto Giannini Scholarship
Paul D. Goldhammer, '98, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
John S. Grady Honors Scholarship
James T. Guo Scholarship
Charles Haag, ’55, Endowed Scholarship
David I. Hagan Scholarship
Hanff Ulrich Scholarship for Student Ambassadors
Emily Grace Hanycz Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
J. Anthony Hayden, ’67, Scholarship
H. Black Hayman, '41, Scholarship
Anthony F. Heck, ’51, Memorial Scholarship
Lt. John Henry Scholarship
Deborah and Richard Leonard Hill, Esq., ’69 Scholarship Fund
Independence Blue Cross Foundation Nurses for Tomorrow Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarship Programs
Frances and John Jenich Memorial Scholarship
Sara Jones, M.A. ’06, Memorial Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kean, ’54, Scholarship for Swimming
Thomas, ’54, and Janet Kean Endowed Scholarship
Jack Keen, ’72, Memorial Scholarship
John J. Keenan, ’52, Memorial Scholarship
John J., ’37, and Margaret M. Kelly Endowed Memorial Scholarship
James S. Kemper Foundation Scholarship
John ?Jack? Kenneff, ’70, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
John P. Kiernan Jr. Fund
Peter J. Kiernan, ’64, Endowed Scholarship
Philip Kind Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Mary I. and C. Gerard Kramer, ’58, Scholarship
John Langan, ’63 and Dr. Judith Nadell Endowment for Student Success
Frederick J. Leinhauser, ’57, Endowed Alumni Legacy Scholarship
Danielle Marie Leonard, ’06, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Walter P. Lomax, M.D., ’53, and Beverly Lomax Endowed Scholarship
Professor Stephen A. Longo, Ph.D., '65 Endowed Scholarship
The Lynch Gordon Family Scholars
Bruce V. MacLeod Scholarship in Earth and Environmental Science
Sydney J. MacLeod Endowment
Maguire Endowed Scholars Program
S. Ruth Mahar D.C. Grace and Grit Award
Tom, MBA '17, and Denise, '85 Malecki Endowment Fund
Markmann Endowed Scholarship
Timmy McCann Memorial Scholarship
Francis X. McErlean Endowed University Scholarship
McGinniss Endowed Scholarship
James A. McGovern Scholarship
Thomas F. McGowan, ’58, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
John J. ?Jack? McNally, ’64, Endowed Scholarship
Brother Thomas H. McPhillips, F.S.C., Ph.D., ’72, Endowed Memorial Scholarship
John McShain Endowed Scholarship
Mellon Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Mercedes Benz/Lionel Simmons Scholarship
Charles E. Merrill Trust Scholarship
Modern Handling Scholarship
Brother Gerard Molyneaux, F.S.C. Endowed Scholarship
Brother Gerry Molyneaux Endowed Professorship
Jacques, ’53, and Blanche Moore Scholarship Fund
Joseph Moran Scholarship Fund
Brother James Muldoon Endowed Scholarship
James V. Mulvihill Scholarship
Helene Nawrocki Scholarship
Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship
James, ’44, and Margaret Newell Endowed Scholarship
Anthony J., ’66, and Ruth Nocella University Scholarship
John, ’49, and Aileen Pagliei and Family Endowed Scholarship
Frank P. Palopoli Endowed Professorship
Mary Pinter Memorial Scholarship
Pyle Scholars Endowed University Scholarships
The Quattrone Family Endowed Scholarship
Daniel J. Ragone, ’51, Family Foundation, Inc. Endowed University Scholarship
Kathleen and Charles J. Reilly, ’62 Entrepreneurship Endowed University Scholarship
The Gaye Riddick-Burden Scholarship for Undergraduate Nursing
Richard S. Rueda, Esq., ’62, Endowed University Scholarship
Ryan Family Scholarship Fund
Erwin and Carolyn Rye von Allmen Scholarship
The Robert and Joan Sadoff Quasi-Endowment Fund
Joseph R. Sadowski, ’54, Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joseph and Helen Scheiter Endowment Fund
Joseph Schmitz Trust
The Schoenberger Honors Scholarship
Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship
Sigma Phi Lambda Scholarship
The Donald J. Slowicki, Sr., '63 Endowed Scholarship
Warren E. Smith, M.D., ’54, Endowed Scholarship
W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Scholarship
James W. Staerk, ’81, Endowed Scholarship
Michael J. Tanney Jr., ’59, Endowed Humanities Scholarship
Lillian and Ralph Tekel Scholarship
Trey Ulrich Endowed Scholarship
John H. Veen, ’59, Memorial Scholarship
The Wachovia Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nancy and Milton Washington, ’58, Endowed Scholarship
Thomas A. White Memorial Scholarship
George and Rosalind A. Wilson Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Teofil Zajac Scholarship Award
Ronald F. Zehnle, ’63, Endowed Scholarship
John T. Zook Memorial Scholarship