La Salle University 2015-2016 Honor Roll of Donors

2016 - 2017

Honor Roll of Donors

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The De La Salle Society


2016 Inductee *
2016 Club Advancement ^
Note: Data traced back to fiscal year 1986 only.


La Salle gratefully recognizes individuals who contributed $50,000 or more to the University during FY 2015–2016.

Lasallian Club

$2,500,000 and above
Named in honor of St. La Salle.
Ambassador and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg
The Christian Brothers of La Salle University
^Anthony G. Canavo
^Pascal R. Canavo, ’55
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Connelly
Nancy and J. Hugh Devlin, ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fierko, ’63
^ John E. Glaser, ’62
John McShain

Brother Teliow Club

$1,000,000 - $2,499,999
Named in honor of the founding President of La Salle.
Susan F. Altamore Carusi, ’82
Leon Ellerson, ’56
Joan Mancini, ’74, and Thomas J. Fitzpatrick Jr., ’72
Dorothy M. and William J. Henrich Jr., ’50
^ Janet H. + and Thomas J. Kean, ’54
^ John Langan, ’63, and Judith Nadell
^ Robert L. Luddy, ’68
^ PTS Foundation
Margaret B. and Thomas F. Pyle Jr., ’62
Carmen V. Romeo, ’65
William R. Sautter, CPA, ’71
Joseph J. Schmitz Jr., ’20

Brother Anselm Club

$500,000 - $999,999
Named in honor of Brother Anselm, who, after serving La Salle College during the Depression with his dedication and exceptional development acumen, is considered by many to be the second founder of La Salle.
Thomas Curley, ’70
Janet and Charles L. Daley, ’57
^ Steve Degnan, ’87
Elmer F. Hansen Jr., ’58
Elmer F. Hansen III, ’90
La Salle University Alumni Association
Kathleen Gordon, ’77, and James J. Lynch, ’71
^ James J. and Frances M. Maguire
^ Margaret Mary, ’98, and William J. Markmann, M.D., ’70
Jacqueline F. and William J. McCormick Jr., ’58
Thomas F. McGowan, ’76
John L. McHale, ’49
^ Anthony J., ’66, and Ruth Nocella
Leo W. Pierce Jr., ’67
David T. Poiesz, ’80
Kathleen and Charles J. Reilly, ’62
William R. Sasso, Esq., ’69
John J. Shea, ’59
Frank Stanton, ’51
Jay R. Stiefel

St. Michael Club

$250,000 - $499,999
Named in honor of the parish that was the foundation of La Salle High School and La Salle College.
Almira C. Bainbridge
William J. Binkowski, ’48
Joseph R. Buckley, ’69
^ Linda A. Schaefer, ’83, and Diego F. Calderin, ’83
Henry G. DeVincent, M.D., ’56
Catherine E. Doran, ’73
Albina and Francis J. Dunleavy
Brother Charles ""Chip"" F. Echelmeier, F.S.C.
Henriette and Paul G. Ecker, M.D.
John T. Fries, ’66
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hagan, ’57
Robert E. Hanrahan Jr., ’75
J. Anthony Hayden, ’67
Christine Kelly and Peter J. Kiernan, ’64
Jean and Thomas A. Leonard, ’70
^ Robert W., ’86, and Kelly A. Liptak
Rhea and Morton Mandell, M.D.
The Marsal Family
^ Marc and Laura McKenna
Frederick C. Mischler Sr., ’60
^ James V., ’79, and Katherine L. Morris
^ Kevin F. O’Donnell, ’88
Frank C., ’69, and Anne M. Palopoli
* Gregory, ’81, and Beth Webster
Margaret Webster Plass

1863 Club

$100,000 - $249,000
Named in honor of our founding year.
* Kevin R. Alger, ’81
Vincent P. Anderson, Esq., ’61
Anonymous, ’62
Mark D. Baldino, ’72
Benjamin D. Bernstein
* Vincent P., ’63 and Marilyn A. Berry
Jeffrey R. Boyle, CPA, ’88
Ted Bronson, ’54
* Dr. Aliya and Reginald M. Browne, ’93
Kathleen M. Burns, ’75, MBA ’81, and John Kapusnick
Barbara and John F. Carabello, DMD, ’62
Thomas J. Casey, ’52
Joseph H. Cloran, ’61
Joseph A. Coffey Jr., Esq., ’64
Maurice E. Cox Jr., ’65
Ellen Jane and Robert C. Crosson, ’51
J. Russell Cullen Jr., ’60
Walter M. Czarnota, ’52
John M. Daly, M.D., ’69
Joseph A., ’70 and Marie T. D'Amato
* Charles E. Dunleavy Jr., ’65
* Eugene, CPA, ’66, and Marie Ferry
* Philip W.J. Fisher, ’61, and Suzanne C. Fisher
* Joseph C. Flanagan, M.D., ’59
Philip W.J., ’61, and Suzanne Fisher
Patricia A. Fogel, ’87
John J. French, ’53
Joseph A. Gallagher, ’50
* The Garrison Family
Daniel A., ’72, and Kathleen Belfatto Giannini
Gaetano P. Giordano, ’76
Nicholas A. Giordano, ’65
Donald W. Goodwin, ’58
Lawrence A. Grabenstein, ’68
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Guntle Jr., ’75
Charles J. Haag, ’55
H. Blake Hayman, M.D., ’41
Terence K. Heaney, Esq., ’63
Ragan A. Henry, Esq.
* Philip, ’93, and Bridget Hintze
Roland Holroyd, Ph.D.
William S. Hough, ’72
The Jacobs Family
Francis W. Judge, ’50
Margaret and John J. Kelly, ’37
* Michele and Howard Kessler
Sandra M. and Christopher F. Koch, ’71
Mary I. and C. Gerard Kramer, ’58
Mr. and Mrs. John Krzeminski, ’80
C. Raymond Larkin Jr., ’70
Edward D. Laskowski, ’55
Walter P. Lomax Jr., M.D., ’53
Thomas J. Mahoney, CPA, ’70
Denise (D'Antonio), ’85, and Thomas F. Malecki Jr.
Roger Marchetti, ’80
Joseph G. Markmann, CPA, ’49
Dennis S. Marlo, CPA, ’64
Robert N. Masucci, ’61
* Nancy G. and William W. Matthews III, Esq., ’90
* Anna (Celenza), ’77, and Michael J. McAleer, ’79
Mr. and Mrs. John L. McCloskey, ’48
Anthony C. McDermott, ’70
* Michael J. McKenna, ’62
John J. McNally, CPA, ’64
James D. McShea, ’61
Jacques J. Moore, ’53
James F. Mullan, ’61
Michael G. Mullen, ’63
Daniel R. Mullin, ’41
Kathleen and Joseph Murphy, ’68
Helen F. North, Ph.D.
Judith and G. Dennis O’Brien, Ph.D.
Francis R. O’Hara, ’54
Patrick J., ’71, and Patricia O’Leary
Jonathan, ’77, and Katherine Palmer
Leon J. Perelman, ’33
Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta
Richard J. Prendergast, ’60
Marilyn (Davis), ’78, and Charles J. Quattrone Jr., ’72
* Joseph V. Queenan , M.D., ’87
Stephen J. Rauscher, ’73
Frank A. Reilly
Joseph P. Rhein, ’38
Thomas C. Rosica, LCSW, NCPsyA, ’62
Richard S. Rueda, Esq., ’62
Joseph R. Sadowski, ’54
John O. Saeger
Pauline C. Scalvino, ’87
Leo J. Schilling Jr., ’62
* Bob, ’72, and Margaret Schoenberger
Alan H. Silverstein, ’70
Mrs. Joseph E. Slawek
James, ’79, and Maryanne Smart
Judith (Reyers), ’75, and Robert V. Spires, ’75
Dorothy and John W. Turner Jr., ’69
van Ameringen Foundation, Inc.
John H. Veen, ’59
* Vincent P. Walls, ’72
Elizabeth A. and Leonard A. Ward, ’55
John E. Warga, ’69
* Milton, ’58, and Nancy Washington
J. Michael Whitaker, M.D., ’72
John F. White, ’67
Zane R. Wolf, Ph.D., and Charles J. Wolf III, M.D., ’65
* Stephen T., ’83 and Carol A. (O'Driscoll) Zarrilli,’83
John D. Zook, CPA