La Salle University 2015-2016 Honor Roll of Donors

2016 - 2017

Honor Roll of Donors

Thank You
Blue and Gold Legacy Society

Note: Data traced back to fiscal year 1986 only.


In recognition of our alumni, parents, and friends who have honored La Salle through their investments in planned giving and bequest commitments, the University established the Blue & Gold Legacy Society.

We gratefully acknowledge and celebrate the tradition of generosity, connectedness, and trust the following Society members have made in informing La Salle University of their intentions:

Charles L. Bakaitis
Tony Battaglia
Jack and Linda Beal
Paul F. Betz, Ph.D.
Harold J. Bliss Jr., Esq.
Jerome H. Brodish, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Buckley
Ms. Kathleen M. Burns
Maj. Gen. William F. Burns, USA, Retired
John F. Carabello, DMD
Mr. William J. Collins Jr.
Mr. Robert C. Crosson
Ms. Cora M. Daniels
BG James J. David
Robert T. Deck, Ph.D.
Lawrence DeMarie, Esq.
Raymond J. Derbyshire
Dr. and Mrs. Henry G. DeVincent
Mr. Nicholas P. Dienna
Alfred J. DiMatties, MBA, '80
Mr. Richard A. DiSammartino
Dr. and Mrs. John V. Dugan Jr.
Brian A. Dursum
Ms. Vernice D. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fierko '63
Joseph C. Flanagan, M.D.
Mr. Joseph A. Gallagher
Mr. Nicholas A. Giordano
Mr. John E. Glaser
Judith N. Goldhammer
Mr. Paul T. Hannan
Michael F. Heron
Mr. Fred Himmelstein
Peter A. Horty
Mr. John I. Kavanagh Sr.
Mr. Thomas F. Kehoe
Mr. Jason E. Langsner
Mr. Edward D. Laskowski
Mr. Gregory LeCerff
Thomas and Jean Leonard
John P. Lohn '71
Frank J. Lomanno and Bettina E. Lomanno
Kathleen Gordon Lynch, '77, and Jim Lynch, '71
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mack
Lawrence E. McAlee, Esq.
Mr. Thomas J. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McDonald
Mr. John A. Mellon
Mr. Walter J. Meyers Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Murphy
Dr. Richard Peregoy
Mr. John B. Pilewicz
Nancy and Frank Possinger
Mr. Dennis M. Powell
Thomas F. Pyle Jr.
Mr. Frank A. Reilly
Mr. Joseph G. Roddy
Dennis R. Rubisch
Joe Ruzicka
Stuart S. Sacks, Esq.
Kenneth Shaw Jr.
Barbara A. Spaulding, CFRE
Mr. Arthur C. Stanley
Frank '51 and Barbara Ann Stanton
Edward J. Stemmler, M.D.
Mr. Thomas F. Strickland Jr.
Mr. Anthony F. Verlezza
John F. White
Bruce Zehnle