La Salle University 2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors

2018 - 2019

Honor Roll of Donors

Thank You To
The Brother Teliow Society


Note: Data traced back to fiscal year 1986 only.


In honor of La Salle’s first president, Brother Teliow Fackeldey, FSC, The Brother Teliow Society recognizes alumni, parents, friends and foundations who have generously contributed $1,000,000 or more to the University during their lifetime.

   and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg
Pascal R. Canavo, ’55
Anthony G. Canavo
Susan F. Altamore Carusi, ’82
The Christian Brothers La Salle University De La Salle Community
Connelly Foundation
Leon Ellerson, ’56
Nancy and J. Hugh Devlin, ’64
Darlene and Edward J. Fierko, ’63
Joan Mancini, ’74,
   and Thomas J. Fitzpatrick Jr., ’72
John E. Glaser, ’62
Dorothy M.
   and William J. Henrich Jr., ’50
Janet H.
   and Thomas J. Kean, ’54
John Langan, ’63,
   and Judith Nadell
Robert L. Luddy, ’68
James J.
   and Frances M. Maguire
John McShain
Margaret B.
   and Thomas F. Pyle Jr., ’62
Carmen V. Romeo, ’65
William R. Sautter, CPA, ’71
Joseph J. Schmitz Jr., ’20
PTS Foundation*